Well-made.it is the new platform, online from October 2016, allowing to discover the very best Italian craftsmen, appraise their work and assess the quality of their bespoke products and services.

Wellmade is conceived as an aggregator focusing on research, knowledge and the exchange of all that is “well made”. It is carried forward by a community of users and experts, within a gratifying, culturally advanced social networking experience, designed to promote and enhance a wide range of initiatives concerning quality craftsmanship.

Wellmade means research and exchange of all that is perfectly crafted, while offering the valuable reputation of a hundred experts - on the way to becoming one thousand - and the experience of a thousand, friends to help and support users in choosing the best quality.


Cliente / client: a project by Whomade and Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte
Anno / year: 2015 - ongoing
Luogo / place: Italy