Congreso International a! Diseño

    Congresso Internazionale a! Diseño
    dal 12 al 14 Ottobre, Città del Messico

    Edoardo Perri e Dario Riva di Whomade sono nel panel dei relatori con una lecture intitolata "Design and humility for new ways of co-existing"

    We live in an age of paradoxical contrasts: the more we share, the less we seem to understand each other; the more cultures mix and melt, the less we are able to get along with our differences. Rather then taking a position and stand for a cause, we would like to talk about ways for design to disappear into the daily matter of things, facilitating dialogue and understanding.
    Listening and reflecting rather then asserting and speaking out loud; that’s the kind of humble attitude we imagine designers to have when thinking about solving people’s present problems or imagining future ways of co-existing.