Rostislav Materka graduated from the Glass School in Novy Bor and took part in more than ten glass internships in Holland, France and Sweden. During his school years, he was influenced by Mr. Vaclav Machac with his approach to creation and Mr. Ferdinand Taborsky, who handed over to him the love for the craft. Since leaving school, he has been working as a glass blower, because he loves the hot-shop atmosphere – clean human exposures, not bound by conventions, the rough environment and hard physical work. He has a good command of other glass craftsmanship skills and he likes to combine them in his creations. These skills are reflected in his relationship with the material and its natural characteristics. Most of his glass objects come to life spontaneously, based on an original idea, directly in production without sketches and plans. This, however, does not mean that he would underestimate the preparation phase. He has a wide knowledge of visual art and glass making, which he is always extending to be able to look for new ways in his work. The most important motivation for him is joy: joy of creation, joy of result, joy that his objects evoke positive emotions: a smile, relaxation, calm. He always seeks for simplicity, without needless smoothing and over-decorating. According to his opinion, everything has a given time needed for its creation, and everything additional is pointless. A fresh glass of water served from his Eleffa caraf design for Whomade, it's his preference.